A comfortable and stubble-free shave has never been easier. Unlike normal razors, the Trim Pod 2.0 protects the skin while shaving - so you can get a close shave without irritation.

7D floating blade

The re-engineered 7D floating blades made of premium Steel effortlessly glides over your skin, quickly removing hairs to ensure flawless results better than any steel blade ever could.

Skin-safe blade

No more painful cut, bumps, or raised scars that keep getting nicked; perfectly designed for those who have sensitive skin and allow safely shave in any direction

Waterproof and shower friendly

Step into the shower with your new friend, thanks to IPX5 technology. Shave dry or wet, with or without shaving foam, and still get a high-quality close shave.

Advance power technology

The POWERFUL LITHIUM-ION BATTERY has a wireless charger that lasts up to fifteen perfect shaves. This gives you the freedom to shave anywhere and anytime at your convenience.