How to use the trimmer

What result can i expect from the trimmer

Check the video below to understand the shaving closeness you can get with your new trimmer. Please keep in mind the result can be slightly different according to hair type and the body part you are shaving.

How to use the trimmer

1 . We advise making a small, slow circular motion while shaving.

2 . Your hair length should not exceed 0.5 mm

To use the 7D floating head efficiently, your hair length should not exceed 0.5 mm ( this longer depend on your hair type, For thin hair, it can go above 0.5 mm). When the hair is too long, you will feel that the trimmer pulls up your hair, and sometimes, the trimmer will automatically turn off. If your hair is too long, we advise using the clipper first to cut down the hair length, then use the 7D Floating head. Using the 7D Floating head directly on long hair can damage your trimmer.

3. Use the precision clipper on armpit

We don’t advise using the 7D Floating heads on the armpit. Most people's armpits are too sensitive and a bit wrinkled. That's why we recommend using THE PRECISION CLIPPER which may not shave as close as the 7D floating heads, but you can be sure to avoid any irritation.

4. Don’t press too hard on sensitive areas

Don’t press too hard on sensitive areas ( Ex : below the waist). The 7D floating skin-safe technology allows you to shave in any direction safely, but does not guarantee cut protection. Also, pressing too hard can cause irritation.

5. The trimmer is warterproof

The timmer is waterproof and shower friendly, but we don’t advise merging the trimmer entirely under water.

6. Clean the trimmer regularly

When 7D Floating head is full of hair, it can slow down your shaving, it will cut the hair badly. We advise to clean the trimmer immediately after shaving.

How open and clean the trimmer

1 -Stop the shaver, pull away the shaver heads on the side one by one. For the middle one, turns in the opposite direction of the arrow then pull out the head.
2-Clean the shaver head part and the hair storeroom with the cleaning brush or water (do not submerge completely under water) . Do not wipe the shaver head part with a towel or paper tissue, which may cause damage to the shaver head.

How open and clean the trimmer
How change the trimmer head

When changing the head, make sure you insert it where it should be to avoid damaging the trimmer.

How change the trimmer head