Hygiene Plan Subscription

Hygiene Plan Subscription

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How to subscribe: Click on add to cart, then proceed to the checkout. You will enter the address to which the replacement blade will be delivered and the credit card information for your recurring payment. ( you will be charged only £0.01 to verify your billing information is correct ) . Then You will receive a link to access your account, where you can manage your subscription. Your recurring payment will start in 2 months, you will be charged automatically £11,99 every two months (you will receive a notification by email three days before your automatic payment), and we will send you a fresh 7D FLOATING BLADE to the address indicated while checking out (you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime from your account).

TODAY'S PAYMENT: £0.01 ( you will only subscribe, you will be charged only £0.01 to verify your billing information is correct, and no blade will be sent)

PAYMENT IN 2 MONTHS: £11,99 (we will send you a new 7D blade after the automatic payment)

Why Subscribe

- 50% DISCOUNT ON BLADE REPLACEMENT: Receive a fresh 7D FLOATING SKIN SAFE HEAD refill every 2 months for only £11,99 instead of £24.

- SPECIAL EXTENDED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Receive a free new trimmer device for any damage. Get extra peace of mind knowing that your investment is covered.

- NO ONE LIKES DULL: Razor blades get duller with use, meaning you're more likely to cut yourself or get razor burn. Get fresh replacement blades and keep your tools working like new.

- NO COMMITMENT AND CANCEL ANYTIME:  you will have access to your customer portal to manage the subscription as you will. You will be able to cancel the subscription anytime. Skip the payment if you don't need the replacement blade and more ...

- BETTER HYGIENE: It's not recommended to use the same 7D blade to shave for long if you want better hygiene. Not only can those little cuts be irritating, but they can also let in bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus.